New Track On Bandcamp available now for just £1. (TAKE ME TO ‘DEAR FRANK’) Who wouldn’t want a letter from this lovin’ clown? 📮 – warning – we did commas today, for home schooling, and now I can’t stop, using them. ‘Dear Frank, A Letter From Celia’ is a new character comedy, set in lockdown […]

During lockdown, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to make some little puppet shows for children. My tour of The Crab Prince had to be cancelled and instead I made five short little films using puppets and focussing on art history and making. Seashore Art School starred Fiona Fish Finger, the mermaid […]

I’m thinking of resurrecting my Dolphin character at some point. But things change. When I did this years ago, no one minded, but they might now because he’s made of plastic and he should really be made of recycled cardboard, bamboo or stainless steel. I guess the answer is never to chuck him in the sea.

There is a terrific exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion at the moment. Here is my sketchbook, inspired by the 1970s Chicago Art Scene. Well he did make the scones, and forgot the baking powder. So they are cheese flavoured rocks made of flour and one egg. He still ate one. That’s cheese addiction […]

World Book Day was yesterday but I was too busy reading to post online. *unjustified proud face* When I was 15 I wrote some book reviews in my teenage diary. Here are two of them. ‘Jude the Obscure’ by T Hardy. That Sue, what a pain in the neck, such a flirt. Much prefer Tess. […]

I suspect watching a nerdy absentminded woman trying to do an interactive puppet show is better than the actual puppet show. Good job it’s meant to be funny.

The penultimate instalment. Too busy with current 2015 festival to write more. I thought Installment had two L’s. Predictive text has destroyed my brian* I did the ‘brian’ line there on purpose. I may be ignorant but I’m well aware of it I remember asking Joseph to stop making Dave laugh while he was driving, […]

So then everyone started having delirious crushes on strangers and some kissed in cupboards at The Pleasance. Here is a rough guide. And a show report. The ‘boys’ me and Juls were trying to befriend were Dan Clark and friends – I can’t remember the name of their group now, can you? They went on […]

I’ve got my old WordPress app going again and I refuse to update it. Here’s the part two but after part three because of silly silly computers

Fear sets in. It’s all right when you’re rehearsing in a small village hall and making each other laugh with ridiculously entertaining acting exercises (like the one where Nicholas Quirke, our director made me and Juls reply ‘no’ to each other’s lines when we thought it wasn’t good enough). Our first night’s stay seems to […]