EVERYTHING MARKED WITH: Joanna Neary’s comedy characters

I’ve recently put out a new Celia track ‘Dear Frank’ and the response has been terrific. In fact, I’m in the process of recording Celia’s Lockdown Diaries as a sort of Thought For The Day Mini Series, will keep you posted. It’s so heart warming to create something you’re proud of and for it to […]

New Track On Bandcamp available now for just £1. (TAKE ME TO ‘DEAR FRANK’) Who wouldn’t want a letter from this lovin’ clown? 📮 – warning – we did commas today, for home schooling, and now I can’t stop, using them. ‘Dear Frank, A Letter From Celia’ is a new character comedy, set in lockdown […]

During lockdown, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to make some little puppet shows for children. My tour of The Crab Prince had to be cancelled and instead I made five short little films using puppets and focussing on art history and making. Seashore Art School starred Fiona Fish Finger, the mermaid […]

Celia’s Lockdown Diary June 29th, 2020 by

I was thrilled to be able to work during lockdown, after an initial horror show of having all work cancelled overnight. Robin Ince and Trent Burton at Cosmic Shambles Network invited me to join them for two episodes of The Stay At Home Festival (this one with Nicole Smit, Tim Minchin, Robin Ince and Josie […]

I’m thinking of resurrecting my Dolphin character at some point. But things change. When I did this years ago, no one minded, but they might now because he’s made of plastic and he should really be made of recycled cardboard, bamboo or stainless steel. I guess the answer is never to chuck him in the sea.

Attention. The first episode was supposed to include a recipe for sago pudding, but it got mislaid in the library. If found please pop through the letterbox at 169 Acacia Avenue, Lower Upping, Toxborough, CT16 4NL.

Anita Colby’s Beauty Book is a 1940’s book about following a four week beauty regime, that ends in having a baby. In Week 2, Day 5, you have to lie upside down on an ironing board to get rosy cheeks.

There is a terrific exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion at the moment. Here is my sketchbook, inspired by the 1970s Chicago Art Scene. Well he did make the scones, and forgot the baking powder. So they are cheese flavoured rocks made of flour and one egg. He still ate one. That’s cheese addiction […]

I suspect watching a nerdy absentminded woman trying to do an interactive puppet show is better than the actual puppet show. Good job it’s meant to be funny.

My leaning when planning a comedy gig, is towards being grotesque, leaping about, saying what I want to say but doing it as a character, so I can be more absurd and sometimes say the opposite of what I’d really say,  in order to have fun, be surprising and make people laugh. My favourite comedians […]