EVERYTHING MARKED WITH: daily diary sketch

Yes, it’s a ball of fun fur with eyes. But it’s more than that. It’s the beginning of my rekindling re: Making Do And Mending.

Wish I’d thought of being a style youtuber, but I’d just sound sarcastic and I can hardly be arsed to do more than wash my face.

(I was reading one of her books and now it’s my nickname. What a boring one. Made me laugh for that very reason) And check out his imaginative way of getting away with a rude gesture. Dix pointes.

SHOCK SURPRISE, PRIMARY SCHOOL ORGANISES ANOTHER FUNDRAISER.  A disco with hot dogs and squash at the hatch. It’s a tradition. (Hopefully this post has enough commas for everyone, what with the current Missing Oxford Comma debacle on the Brexit Fifty Pee. If anything, there’s too many commas, it’s like I’m trying to overcompensate due to […]

Attention. The first episode was supposed to include a recipe for sago pudding, but it got mislaid in the library. If found please pop through the letterbox at 169 Acacia Avenue, Lower Upping, Toxborough, CT16 4NL.

Family Call Back on the word ‘Cacophony’. Does it mean ‘The Sound Of Poo’ in French?

There is a terrific exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion at the moment. Here is my sketchbook, inspired by the 1970s Chicago Art Scene. Well he did make the scones, and forgot the baking powder. So they are cheese flavoured rocks made of flour and one egg. He still ate one. That’s cheese addiction […]

World Book Day was yesterday but I was too busy reading to post online. *unjustified proud face* When I was 15 I wrote some book reviews in my teenage diary. Here are two of them. ‘Jude the Obscure’ by T Hardy. That Sue, what a pain in the neck, such a flirt. Much prefer Tess. […]

Back to the pants (like back to the future, without the stars, budget or storyline). My favourite kind of pants keep your stomach warm.

My leaning when planning a comedy gig, is towards being grotesque, leaping about, saying what I want to say but doing it as a character, so I can be more absurd and sometimes say the opposite of what I’d really say,  in order to have fun, be surprising and make people laugh. My favourite comedians […]