Delighted to announce the return of Celia and the largest cast yet. Recorded during Lockdown, this series has a strange ‘collage’ feel to it, but manages to thread through some themes of longing and sarcasm, review books without leaving the house and bring three new special sections. These are Russell Nigel’s Thoughts For The Day, including a sea shanty about a famous actor; George Egg’s brilliant Wife On Earth almost-debut* as Dr James Willoughby (George already recorded a great advert for his favourite Brighton independent shop in Series 2) and Mrs Coil’s Capital Offences, in which she visits cities during lockdown. 

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Coming next – tour dates for the live shows. Celia and some ladies from Lower Upping WI take to the road to fund raise for ST Mary’s. The vicar has gone all extinction rebellion and is re-leading the church roof with lead-free lead. 

Series 3 of Wife On Earth podcast

Series 3 Wife On Earth Podcast