This is the website of Jo ‘anna’ Neary, actress, dancer, ex-art student, prancer. She’s been on the tele (currently on an episode of Channel 4’s Man Down with Greg Davies as Milky Sue at time of writing, April 2020, UK). And is on the radio (Radio 3’s The Uncertainty Verb is currently on iPlayer alongside Radio 4’s The Art Of Now In Box), is currently on Cosmic Shambles Network with her podcast Wife On Earth and also in Stay At Home Festival with Robin Ince, Josie Long, Tim Minchin and Nicole Smit from the Edinburgh based band Blueswater.

You can catch Jo at live comedy festivals and events with her shows ‘Wife On Earth’ ‘BookTalkBookTalkBook’, with Ben Moor and also ‘Stinky McFish And The World’s Worse Wish’ during 2020-2021. Dates to be announced after the summer.

Here is the latest from Jo’s blog…